In our series of short videos, we explore the attraction of Spain, France, Portugal and Cyprus for Britons looking to enjoy a different lifestyle or retire abroad. Our locally-based financial advisers explain the key considerations for expatriates in each country, and how clients benefit from Blevins Franks’ expertise in cross-border financial planning, wealth management, pensions and tax advice.

Living in Spain

Our Spanish-based advisers describe how Blevins Franks has evolved to become Europe’s leading cross-border tax and wealth advisers, with 10 offices supporting Britons throughout Spain. Living locally, they understand what being resident involves and ways to optimise tax efficiency and wealth preservation for clients. Find out also why it’s important to act sooner rather than later if you’re looking to move to Spain.

Living in Portugal

Hear our local advisers explain why there has never been a better time for Britons to move to Portugal. They talk about how Blevins Franks combines extensive knowledge of UK and Portuguese taxation with specialist pensions and wealth management expertise. Being locally resident, the team is able to provide a suite of cross-border advice as well as practical tips for living in Portugal.

Living in France

Find out how Blevins Franks is uniquely placed to provide financial peace of mind for Britons living in France. Our France-based advisers outline how decades of experience in cross-border tax and wealth management planning, as well as being active in the local community, enables them to make relocating as straightforward and tax-efficient as possible for clients. They also introduce our local seminars and resources designed to help expatriates moving to France.

Living in Cyprus

Blevins Franks’ Paphos-based advisers explain why Cyprus continues to appeal to Britons, from the year-round sunshine to the world-class golf courses and the extremely beneficial tax environment. They outline how Blevins Franks specialise in providing cross-border tax, pensions and investment advice to help expatriates make the most of living in Cyprus.

Keeping up to date: Brexit News for Expatriates

Watch to find out how we will keep you updated during the build up to Brexit and why now is the time for action.

Consider your Options: Retiring to Europe

If you are considering retiring to Europe or have already, it’s important to review your options and financial planning. See how our personalised financial advice on the complex tax rules in both Europe and the UK can help you make the most of retirement.

Our Seminars: Catch Up, Meet New Faces and Stay Updated

An insight into why we regularly hold local seminar events, from catching up with clients and meeting new faces to presenting updates. We explore together the issues affecting British expatriates.

Specialise and Personalised Pension Advice

Watch to find out about the specialist, personalised pensions advice we can give for your individual circumstances and objectives.

Living in Portugal: The Non-Habitual Residency Scheme

Find out about how you can take advantage of the Non-Habitual Residency scheme in Portugal.