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26 November 2018

Goalposts shift for Brexit deal but transition could extend

In the original timeline for Brexit negotiations, the EU summit that took place in mid-October would have resulted in an agreed exit deal. However, as things stand, no final agreement has been reached and negotiations are behind schedule. So what happens next?

26 November 2018

Brexit deal jumps major hurdle but UK government is divided

British Prime Minister Theresa May finally broke a Brexit deadlock on 14 November by securing agreement on a withdrawal deal from both the UK cabinet and EU negotiators. President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk, subsequently scheduled a special EU summit on 25 November to finalise the draft agreement...

08 May 2018

Looking after your pension starts with avoiding scams

23 April 2018

It pays to think beyond residency when preparing for Brexit in France

20 April 2018

The advantages of Portugal’s non-habitual resident tax regime

23 February 2018

How Brexit could increase Spanish succession tax for your heirs

13 March 2017

No surprises in UK Spring Budget other than a sting in the tail for pensions

15 February 2017

Wealth creation and management – Five key elements for success

20 January 2017

What you need to know about pensions today (France)

28 November 2016

What Will Happen To Your Legacy? Estate Planning For Expatriates In Mallorca